some of y’all so desensitized to sex

    it’s going to ruin every relationship you’ll ever be in

    and you’ll wonder why it never works

    and it’s because you approach every relationship

    like it’s a porno

    People never talk about Malcolm X’s “White women should feed me grapes and buy my methols” speech
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    *grabs her phone*

    *sees pic of her suckin dick*

    *ignores it*

    *sees video of her gettin a train ran on*

    *ignores it*

    *goes thru playlist*

    *see j. cole music*

    aye girl this not workin out

    Knowing about my condition doesn’t exempt me from being what i am. it just explains the reason behind, why i act that way.

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    Anonymous asked:
    what's your definition of summer?


    hot, and great in theory but inferior to fall and winter in california. 

    Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.
    Albert Camus (via copingdaily)
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